Increasing Our Impact

We have tried to support projects with “multiplier effects” such as providing computers to the medical school in Uganda to teach young doctors who will provide health care for years to come.

The Sisters in Njimikom, Cameroon, use our donations to teach healthcare providers better prenatal care and infant care in rural areas around their hospital.

In Cuba we have provided medical texts and teaching equipment to the Juan Carlos Finlay Medical School in Camaguey.

Donation Reports and Thank You Letters

Guinea  •  Cameroon  •  Senegal

Guinea Donation

On July 20, 2014 the Wisconsin Medical Project donated a truckload of medical equipment and supplies to Guinea in West Africa. This included exam tables and lights, crutches, walkers, and wheelchairs, as well as over 140 cartons of disposable medical supplies such as bandages and gloves.

This donation is part of a larger effort by Guinean doctors who work here in the United States to support their home country, where there was the recent outbreak of Ebola virus.

This shipment was taken to Iowa City, Iowa where it will be combined with other donations and sent by ocean-going container at the expense of the U.S. based Guinea group.

Donation Report by Dr. Ousmane Diallo of the Midwest Branch of Pottal Fii Bhantal


Shipment November 22, 2013

The Wisconsin Medical Project with the help of Medicines for Humanity (medicinesfor sent a 20-foot container of medical supplies and equipment to the Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis in Cameroon.

This was our second such shipment to this group of Catholic nums who operate hopsitals in Njinikom and Shisong as well as clinics in the areas near those hospitals. The equipment included 44 computers, 20 wheelchairs, an anesthesia machine, a dental chair and xray, and two arterial blood gas machines to monitor the very sick. We also send 21 microscopes for the laboratories and clinics as well as as colposcope that is used in early cancer detection.

We are particularly pleased with the efforts of this group to focus on prevention with their small outreach clinics and prenatal programs. There is a good deal of information about this order of Sisters and their work in Cameroon by searching, “Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis in Cameroon.

Report of Donations to Hospital Sisters in Cameroon, Africa from Sr. Gabrielle


We are pleased to include in our website an acknowledgement from the Medical Faculty at the University of Cheikh Anta Diop in Dakar, Senegal.

It is a letter to confirm the arrival of donations sent with the cooperation of AHEAD (Action for Health and Development) which is comprised of Senegalese physicians here in the U.S. who are working to support their home country and its medical teaching capabilities.

In February of 2014 the Wisconsin Medical Project donated over 130 cartons of medical supplies such as gloves, sutures, and bandages which were sorted and packaged by our volunteer staff. In addition, the shipment included patient monitors, a variety of laboratory equipment, most notably six microscopes, two of which have multiples “heads” so that students can directly observe what their teachers are poionting out in the lessons.

As noted in the letter, this equipment will help the instruction of new medical providers and is true to the mission of the Wisconsin Medical Project to send equipment that has lasting value and has a multiplier effect by reaching a large number of providers and patients.

Letter of Acknowledgement From our colleague at the Dakar University Parasitology labs

Packing a container to Cuba/GuineaPacking a container to Cuba/GuineaPacking a container to Cuba/GuineaPacking a container to Cuba/GuineaHorse Therapy Center