The Wisconsin Medical Project (WMP) began as a joint mission with the Madison-Camagüey Sister City Association at a time when people-to-people travel to Cuba was possible.  In 2002, licenses to Cuba for sister city organizations were curtailed.  Fortunately, in 2003, the WMP was able to incorporate as a separate humanitarian organization and obtain the necessary export and travel licenses to continue its work in Cuba.

Over the years, in addition to sending shipping containers loaded with equipment and cartons of supplies, WMP members travel to Camagüey, carrying suitcases filled with fragile equipment and supplies and medical text books.  On these trips, WMP members visit hospitals and other health care facilities to assess their equipment and supply needs and to deliver the medical donations.  Through these visits, members develop wonderfully strong friendships with people in Camagüey.  These friendships transcend history, conflict and politics to focus on health care, friendship and the cultural enrichment of each other’s lives.  Since 2003,  WMP’s donations have exceeded $500,000 in value.

In 2013, the WMP began expanding its work to others areas of need, primarily in Africa.  We have developed strong partnerships with Madison-based organizations whose goals include providing basic health care in their home communities in Africa.  Each year, WMP has strengthened its existing overseas partnerships and developed new ones.  WMP has sent medical equipment and supplies to:  Cameroon, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Guinea, The Gambia, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Kenya.