Ongoing Cuba Connection

We continue to have groups of our members visit the medical facilities and conduct needs assessments for future donations.

We continue to support the excellent staff of the neonatology unit in the maternity hospital with lab equipment, specialized formula for premature infants, and a supply of very small PICC line IV catheters that the staff there credit with saving some of their smallest premature infants.

Over the years we have supported the development of Project Hope, started by Dr. Luis Perez, a pediatric rehabilitation physician. He began by educating the primary care doctors in Camaguey in the early identification of children with disabilities in order to expand their treatment possibilities. Project Hope developed into an organization which included parents who were empowered to join together to provide more social and therapy options for their children. Now the project is a model in Cuba and Latin America of innovative and compassionate care for children. It includes horseback riding therapy, which helps with core balance, self-confidence, and just plain fun for the kids.

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